iOS: The landing page container does not display its content on app launch.

On iOS when the rich push message comes and the application is being launched, the landing page container appears, but not content is being loaded (blank page). On the other hand, if the application is running in background when the rich push message comes and the message is being opened, the landing page container appears and the page content is being loaded properly. This works good for both cases on Android. Any ideas what's wrong in iOS? Thanks.

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  • Hi Erez,

    Thank you for your question. My name is Martin and I would be happy to help.

    The behaviour that you are experiencing is often caused by issues relating to manual SDK integration.

    If you are manually integrating our SDK, you must ensure that you call the methods detailed in our documentation (found here: You must also ensure that you have set "automaticSetupEnabled" to "NO" in your AirshipConfig.plist file.

    Similarly, if you are not manually integrating our SDK, "automaticSetupEnabled" must be set to "NO" in your AirshipConfig.plist file, and you must also ensure that the additional methods described in our documentation are not called in your app delegate.

    Please let me know if you need any more information on this.

    Kind Regards,
    Urban Airship Technical Support

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  • Hi Martin, 

    I'm not able to get anything to show for iOS.  I've pasted what I tried in this ticket:

    Can you help?


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