Unable to transfer app

I am trying to transfer ownership of my iOS application to another developer but am unable to do it because Apple says the application has the passbook AP integration. I don't have any passbook integration in the app

However, I have the urban airship SDK in the application. Is the passbook API integration in the UA SDK?

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  • As an update to this concern -

    If you have used impacted versions of the Urban Airship SDK which integrated the Apple Passbook/Wallet APIs, you will need to work with the Apple App Review team to transfer applications between Apple Developer Accounts. If no Passbook/Wallet integration was actually used, there should be no technical blocker to this move. However, moving apps in this way is 100% at Apple's discretion and not something that we are able to affect from the Urban Airship side.

    If you have additional concerns about this, please open a ticket with our support team. 

  • Hello,

    Thank you for posting your question about transferring Apple ownership for your iOS app. This is Misty with the Urban Airship Technical Support team and I am happy to help with this today.


    Our early investigation shows Apple is marking apps using our SDK 6.1+ as having Passbook enabled in the App Store. This flag does prevent you from transferring Apple ownership to another account. We are working with Apple to provide more information on why the Urban Airship SDK is being flagged as Passbook enabled and next steps we can take to help with this matter. As soon as we have more information, we will update this post.


    Best Regards,
    Urban Airship Technical Support


  • We are also running into this issue, since we also don't use any passbooks.

    Is there any new information, since we really need to transfer an existing app.

  • Hello all,

    We have released a new version of our SDK that we are hoping to fix this. It contains a weak link to the passbook library that should not enable Passbook in the Apple App Store. Please try to update to this using our newest SDK here: https://bintray.com/urbanairship/iOS/urbanairship-sdk/7.1.2/view. Please also raise a ticket with Apple about moving your apps. They will be able to provide more details around why this changed on their side and what they can do about it. Please also keep us updated on the results of updating your SDK.

  • We can not update to the latest SDK since our app still support iOS 7.

  • I just wanted to reach out to let you know that we have just released a new SDK last night that will completely remove the Wallet features to avoid this issue in the future. Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused your team. Please find our newest SDK here: https://bintray.com/urbanairship/iOS/urbanairship-sdk/7.2.0/view. You may need to create a ticket with Apple for any questions or concerns with transferring the app between Apple accounts as they will be able to provide more information about that.


    I am still not able to tranfer the app because to the same issue of passbook even after updating to latest pod.is there any other way to solve this problem.


  • Hi Niranjan Singh Patel 

    You will not be able to transfer any app which has or had Passbook enabled at anytime.
    To move the app you will need to resubmit it and existing users will have to be notified by you to install the other app.


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