'automaticSetupEnabled' setting doesn't seem to make a difference

I do not understand what the 'automaticSetupEnabled' flag does. It seems that I get the same behavior with this set True as I do with it set to False. If I implement the notification handling delegate functions in my app delegate and have these call the corresponding UA implementations my functions get called no matter what automaticSetupEnabled is set to. So my question is, what does this setting actually do? Everything seems to work if I just add the delegate functions and don't add 'automaticSetupEnabled=false' to the plist, but if the documentation says to add and set this to false, I'm curious why.

Thanks! :)

NOTE: I am using the latest version of xcode, swift, and the UA SDK.

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  • Hi Robyn,

    automaticSetupEnabled is more for analytics than anything else. Here is some information on the topic from our documentation:
    It will not affect notification delivery, but setting this parameter to NO will turn off analytics. I would recommend leaving it out of yoru plist or setting it to YES.

    Thank you,
    Sean Conlin
    Urban Airship Technical Support
    Portland, Oregon

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