'createTags:' is deprecated as of v6.3.0. Use device property tags instead

I'm seeing this error/warning in my tag setup code. I understand I need to change it, but is there an example of what I should be changing it to? What class or method to use instead? Where are device property tags listed?

NSMutableArray *tags = [UATagUtils createTags:UATagTypeTimeZoneAbbreviation | UATagTypeLanguage|UATagTypeCountry | UATagTypeDeviceType].mutableCopy;

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  • Hi Steven,

    Device Property Tags are applied automatically by the SDK, so you should be able to remove that code without replacing it, and get the same functionality out of the built in device property tags.

    You can read more in our documentation on Device Property Tags.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Thank you,
    Sean Conlin
    Urban Airship Technical Support
    Portland, Oregon

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