Message pushes work intermittently

I have been testing in Xcode for the past several hours and sometimes my push notifications work and sometimes they don't. To ensure that I'm sending the same thing over and over again, I go to "Messages Overview", click on the "Duplicate Message" button and then resend it immediately. It seems to work and not work in batches. I can literally be sending them 50 times in a row and it will work. But if I stop for a bit, and retry, it's all broken again. I've checked the Xcode console and it seems everything is the same - same device token, it seems to connect, etc.. I try re-adding the token, using the test push from the Quickstart guide.. and then at some point, it just starts working again.. Any ideas?!


See the attached screenshots. Why would some messages just not be sent? Notice the "No messages sent" under some of the messages

Screenshot 2016-07-25 13.02.21.png
Screenshot 2016-07-25 13.03.13.png

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  • Hi Dan,

    I can see that those messages were been rejected by Apple. It's possible that this can happen when Apple take issue with the APNS certificate that you have uploaded to us. 

    I would strongly recommend that you follow our guide to setting up for APNS, create a new certificate and reupload it to us.

  • Hey Aiden,

    I went through that setup guide initially to get the certificate set up. Clearly it's working cause it does a lot of the time - it just doesn't work every single push. Why would they have an issue with the certificate one minute but then be ok with it the next?

  • Hi Dan,

    I don't have a lot of information on the issue for you at the moment. We've only very recently seen this type of issue and it is something we are actively investigating for a possible root cause and fix. However, it only seems to occur with development certificates. 

    Again, I can only recommend that you create a new certificate and reupload it to us.

  • Ok, I will try and create a new certificate and upload it. I'll let you know here in this thread how it works out once I do.

  • Hey Aidan, I struggled with this a lot in the beginning - the uploading of the .p12 file. I have no problem getting to that point but when I upload, I consistently get this error: "The certificate you supplied is invalid.". I found this article and thought maybe that was it but my certificate is definitely a development certificate for push notifications. I ran the OpenSSL command on terminal and am seeing this output: friendlyName: Apple Development IOS Push Services:


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