iOS 10 beta - apps don't opt in

We have been testing our apps with the iOS 10.0 beta and the apps don't opt-in for messages.  The channel preferences update but the user does not receive notifications because they aren't opted in. The same code works for iOS 9 and the apps opt-in and therefore, received notifications. I have checked all the provisioning profiles and they have push enabled so we don't believe this is the error. 


Are there any known issues with iOS 10 or will these only be addressed when the public beta is released?

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  • Hello Andrew,

    I am not sure which version of our iOS SDK you are using, but given that iOS 10 is in beta there might be some bugs that haven't been caught yet. In general, it's great if an older SDK works on a newer operating system, but because that operating system is still in beta we aren't able to do much in the way of support. Likewise, if you're using a preview SDK and it happens to work on the beta operating system then that's also great, but because it's in beta we aren't able to do much in the way of support.

    I'd say if all the apps you are using on your iOS test device are unable to opt-in for push notifications then it's probably an issue with iOS 10 beta. If it's only apps implementing our iOS SDK that are unable to opt-in to push notifications, then I'd guess it's because the iOS SDK is outdated for iOS 10. However, iOS 10 beta is still so new that it's hard to know for sure.

    I can assure you that our iOS SDK will be updated to work with iOS 10 when it is released in September. At that time, we will be offering full support for the new iOS SDK and iOS 10 (as it relates to our SDK).

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

  • Getting same issue after release official version of IOS 10 and your cordova plugin 6.0.0.


    Please help

  • Which version of Xcode are you using? Xcode 8 is required to use the Urban Airship Cordova plugin v. 6.0.0. 

    Let me know which version of Xcode you are running and be sure to take a look at our iOS migration guide to ensure that the SDK was implemented properly. You can also try going into the settings of your iOS devices to opt-in your app on the system level. 

  • For XCode 8 and iOS 10, you must have the entitlements file and have the aps-environment correctly set. For iOS 9, it used to work even without the entitlement file.


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