iOS notification banner triggers twice

I am seeing the native iOS notification banner trigger twice for all notifications. This occurs when testing push notifications through both the UA dashboard and the python API. The banner displays twice in quick succession with two sounds/buzzes, but the notification appears only once in the iOS system message center. My app also only processes the notification once via my custom UAPushNotificationDelegate.

Could this be a problem with my initial configuration or certificates? I am trying to migrate from Parse using the same push notification certificates if it makes any difference. I have both the development and production app keys and secrets in my AirshipConfig.plist (I would have added just development but it seemed to complain before I added production). This is a development Urban Airship app that I am testing with. 

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  • Hi Jason,

    We've only seen this type of situation on iOS devices running iOS 9.2 and below, as it was a bug that Apple addressed in iOS 9.2.1. It may be unlikely that you've set something up incorrectly, so I would check your iOS version first and update if necessary and redeploy the app to your device and see if that fixes the issue you're seeing. 

  • Thanks for the response Michael. The issue was affecting devices with 9.3.1 so it wasn't that bug addressed by Apple.

    I think the issue was occurring because I was registering notification settings. Previously I had these three lines when trying to register notifications for the user:

    let settings = UIUserNotificationSettings(forTypes: [.Alert, .Badge, .Sound], categories: nil)

    UAirship.push().userPushNotificationsEnabled = true


    By removing the first two lines and just using UAirship.push().userPushNotificationsEnabled = true it seemed to fix the problem. I think the UrbanAirship SDK registers these types by default.

  • Jason,

    That would certainly fix it! :)

    But yes, Urban Airship handles all the registrations for notification types so that you don't have to. Registering for it twice, essentially, would likely make you run into that type of issue.


  • Actually this seems like it was fixed sometime between 7.2.2 and 8.1.2. I was getting duplicate handling of notifications with URLs. Went over my configuration a million times, finally updated to the latest and it was fixed.

    I see something possibly related in the changelog:


    Version 8.0.1 - September 16, 2016
    - Fixed bug that caused duplicate handling of content-available pushes.

  • Jason,

    I believe that fix was related to some iOS 10 specific issues, but good to hear it is working!


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