Getting Error(Invalid Bundle Structure) libUAirship During IOS Application submission to Apple Store


Recently i integrate urbanairship sdk/framework and it is working perfectly during Adhoc and development mode,but during apple submission i am getting Invalid Bundle Structure error against libUAirship.

I am using latest libUAirship

Check attach image and let me know that how to fix this error.


IOS libUAirship Error 1.png

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  • Hello Umair,

    Thank you for writing in with your question about this iOS error.

    Can we please have you check to see if you have the UA framework in the 'Copy Bundle Resources' build phase? Please make sure you have only added this in the Link Binary With Libraries section in the Build Phases tab for your target as per our instructions here: Please let us know if that helps.

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  • I got the same issue and "copy bundle resources". The edit suggested by Misty DeGiulio fixed it.

    But it was added automatically when following the tutorial (5 times now?)

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