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My welcome message is just text with no formatting possible at all. I can't even add breaks. Although it says "rich text" on top of the text box where I edit my welcome mesage.

Furthermore, I can't assign a different  welcome message to a different audience. This is really embarrassing as I prefer to address people in their own native language (dutch and French) Please advise 

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  • Hi Kristof,

    Are you looking at the Welcome Message page (choose Messages in the left menu, then Welcome Message)? On this page you should be able to use raw html to create your page, including the <br> tag to add breaks. 

    An alternative option would be to create an Automated message with First Open as the trigger instead. With this option you can create a Rich Page in the Message center which allows you to upload any html you'd like sent to your end users. 

    Unfortunately with either of these methods you won't be able to segment the audience; the Welcome Message and First Open messages are designed to be the same message for all end-users.

    If you require further assistance, please feel free to open a ticket with us by asking a question at

    Jonell Alvi
    Technical Support Engineer
    Portland, OR



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