Push notifications are sent with a delay

Our application uses your API service for the sending push notifications from server to iOS device across Urban Airship. I have some problems with that. When I send push, urban airship successfully receives it. I made this conclusion, because in urban airship's admin dashboard, in "Reports > Push sends" tab I see, that total number of sent pushes increases. But on iOS device this pushes can come with a delay. For example, I send push to 5 users, one user receives push immediately and other with delay in 8 hours. Sometimes we have a delay in 2 minutes or 6-8 hours and currently we can’t understand why it happens. Could you please help us to solve the issue with a push delay as without huge delay our push notification are useless?

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  • Hi Daniel,

    Our Support team took a look at your account, and we definitely do see some major delays for your app. They do appear to be related to your iOS certificate.


    If you wouldn't mind, could you please reupload your iOS certificate for your app? Once you do, go ahead and let us know if/when you experience any delays and we can dig in a little further.

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  • Hello - 

    It appears that a comment on this thread may have been lost in our migration to our new Support Center. Is is possible to repost your comment?

    Apologies for any issues this may have caused.


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