I’m trying to get things setup in my Xamarin.Android app and its going no where. 

I added an application class to my project which only tosses out a log statement in the OnCreate (baby steps). That is now working fine. I can see my log statement and I get to the right activity. 

When I add the urban airship component to my project. Just the project, I have no other references to it at this point, I can compile and deploy but as soon as it starts, I get this in my logs. 

Android application is debugging.

The application could not be started. Ensure that the application has been installed to the target device and has a launchable activity (MainLauncher = true).

This was not an issue prior to including your component so I have to assume that your component does a bunch of stuff (like register services, broadcast listeners, etc) and something somewhere is breaking. 

I’ve also tried a new project and I get the same results. 

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  • Well it seems that my problem is that while you can create a Xamarin App that has a namespace that starts with capitals, and it will run fine, if you try to do that when registering receivers (as Airship is obviously doing) it gets upset. I figured this out looking at (of all things) MS Azure documentation. 


    Now all I have to figure out is why Airship isn't finding my properties file. Its there but it thinks that my keys are null. 

  • Hi Adam,

    Can you confirm that you've included your airshipconfig.properties file in the /Assets directory and that it is in the same format as seen in the documentation here:


    Thank you, I'm looking forward to your response.

    My Best,
    Aaron Schuman
    Urban Airship Technical Support

  • Hi Aaron, 

    Yes, I do have the file in the assets directory.

  • In the end, I simply created the options object manually, and passed it into the takeoff method. 

  • I am running into different issues. 

    I've transitioned to my clients paid (Basic) account and I've confirmed initially that it was setup correctly (the test message arrived). 

    I have also seen my Receiver class (which extends BaseIntentReceiver) get created, and call OnChannelRegistrationSucceeded, for example. 

    However, I am no longer receiving notifications even though I can see in my logs a ChannelID being set. My Receiver class is not being called at all either. 

  • I've included the AndroidManifest.xml as Xamarin compiles it. 

    The names are oddly named (preceeded by the md5 hash of something) but from what I can tell the permissions, the filters all look correct so I'm at a loss

  • Even though the logs show I have a channel ID in my logs, the dashboard tells me there are not channels registered. Could this be a side effect of having the GCM identifiers original assigned to the app under my account and then switching them to my client's account?


  • Ok. I think my problem arose from switching things around. I create a new project in Google Developer console and I seem to be getting messages but only if the app is running. I cannot seem to get background messages. 

  • Adam,

    From the ticket you had opened, it sounds like this problem is now resolved. If you do run into this issue again, please don't hesitate to reach out to Support and we'll do our best to help!


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