I've been having no end of trouble getting notifications to work consistently to my Xamarin Android app. 

In my logs, I can see all sorts of UALib events happening that tells me that the Device is being Registered.I have a button in my UI that lets me activate/inactivate notifications and I can see that status changing in the dashboard as I toggle between the states. 

If I send a message to ALL devices, or to this specific channel ID the activity log consistently says that no notifications were delivered. 

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  • I should note, that even when the the activity log, or message reports tell me that something was sent, I don't get anything events at all on my android device. 

  • I'm experiencing the same problems. The Xamarin bindings work just fine for iOS, but no notifications appear for Android. I was able to see an Android Channel was registered, but never active. Once I removed it, my android device does not register on the UA Console.


    I was able to test that my Android device was getting a channel ID, but again, didn't show up in UA Console.

  • Hello Phil,

    I understand you are running into the same/similar issue that Adam had run into. While helping Adam solve his situation, things just started "working", so unfortunately I do not have a good solution for you to resolve this.

    What I would recommend though is checking the network connectivity on your device and making sure it is able to receive push notifications from GCM, regardless of the app. Sometimes the network you're connected to might have issues with blocking GCM ports.

    Additionally, with regards to the issue you're running in to, can you confirm that you have been able to receive notifications intermittently in the past? Or are you just not able to receive push on your Android device at all?

  • I have not been able to receive notifications at all, despite getting a channel ID on the android device. Ashhad's symptoms were similar to mine, so I thought the issues were related. I can open another ticket if needed.

  • Phil,

    Please do! We can link the two tickets once we're done :)


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