Sending apns notifications from a python backend


I have a backend written in python and am using the urbanairship python module to send a silent content-available notification. My code looks like:

    push = airship.create_push()

    push.audience = ua.push.audience.device_token(token)

    push.notification = ua.notification(ios=ua.ios(content_available=True, badge=0))

    push.device_types = ua.device_types('ios')


The urban airship servers replies positively, with for example:


But I don't get any notification in my ios app.

Now I should mention that I haven't installed the sdk into the ios app. My usecase is to use urban airship just for sending the apns notifications from within the backend.

Should it work? Or do I have to add the sdk to the ios app?

Thanks for any help!


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