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Is there a way to get the Sent date for a push message via an API? Or just a status, to say whether or not it has been sent?

What I am trying to do is in our system display whether or not the message was successfully sent as all our messages are scheduled for future dates.  I could assume that if it was created successfully in UA then it was sent but our users can log into UA directly and delete the messages which mean that our system would show Sent and they haven't been.


Thanks for any help

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  • Hi Kanwal,

    Thank you for writing in with your question about retrieving a send date for your scheduled messages.

    We do offer this ability with our Individual Push Response API endpoint. This endpoint offers both send time and number of pushes sent for each Push ID provided.  Our Schedule listing API endpoint may help as well. Documentation for all the API endpoints we offer can be found in our API v3 documentation. Lastly, please follow our Best Practices Guide for more tips and advice for using our API.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with!

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  • Thanks Misty for your quick response,

    I've had a look at the Schedule API and when I schedule a message for the future I can get the details back by using:

    But after the message has been sent then this URL no longer returns anything - I'm assuming because it is no longer classified as a schedule...


    I've had a look at the reporting api that you mentioned, which looks good and exactly what we need, however when I try to use it I get an error.  I am sending this request:

    And I get this response:

    {"ok":false,"error":"No match for requested content type","error_code":40601}

    I did notice in your documentation that it mentions you need to be on a certain paid plan to access these api's. Could this be the issue or does the above error just mean that I am not making the request correct? How do I tell what plan we are on? 


    Thanks for all your help.

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  • Hi Misty,

    Please ignore my comment regarding the report api it is working correctly and bringing back exactly what I need.

    Thanks for your help

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