Push notifications not received when app is "Killed" (iOS/Android)

Hi, I've noticed push notifications (sent by Airship integrated panel, API or what else) not reach end users when the app is Killed (swiped out in the task manager). This is a known feature (on both iOS/Android) or am I missing something? I know that push notifications should work also when the app is terminated. 

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  • Hi Mike,

    Push notifications should work on at least iOS if the app is killed. If the app is killed on Android, you likely won't receive notifications until the app is launched again, since killing the app kills the services required to listen to push.

    When you send a push to iOS though, it is up to the OS, not the app, to handle the push, so killing the app should not have anything to do with it.

    Would you perhaps happen to have any of the Push IDs that were returned to you via the API? We can take a look at those and see the status of the device at the time of send to see what have happened.

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