Detailed log of push notifications sent (including payload)

Hi there,

Is there a way to download a detailed log of push notifications sent including payload?


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  • Hi Josh,

    Through the Engage product, there is not currently a way to download a detailed log of push notifications that would include the payload.

    However, with our Connect offering, whenever a Push Event is logged, such as sending a push through the dashboard or via the API, you can stream that JSON data into whatever system you wish. If that is something you would find useful, you might explore that route.

    Otherwise, for API pushes, you may choose to log those pushes on your end before you send them out.

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  • Is this still the case? It looks like you can't get a push object by its push_id from the rest api. Or, be able get the payload of the push object within the report? It looks like the user will only be able to see that a message of undisclosed payload was sent to some unknown audience based on the report.

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  • Hello!

    Yes, this is still the case. Our REST API does allow you to retrieve reporting information (push sends numbers, app opens, etc.), however no payload information is exposed.

    Detailed information is available to stream to a data warehouse of your choosing and will include payload information through our Real-Time Data Streaming product. 

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