Remove default UIAlertView that shows up when app is launched from tapping on the push notification


By default when I tap on a push notification that appears, it will direct me back to my app - then a white dialog box will appear afterwards with the content of the push notification in it (See attached image). I have to dismiss this manually each time.

How do I disable this dialog pop up permanently? I could not find relevant code to trigger this off. Please advise. Thank you!

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  • Hi Ian,

    Can you clarify which version of the SDK you are on?

    Also, just to clarify, what you're seeing is not a UIAlertView. What you are viewing is the Message Center message you sent, and it is displaying the content to you in an overlay. This was default behavior in our older sample apps. If you're not on the latest SDK, there is a simple flag you can use to turn that off.

    An example can be found in our older SDK sample 

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  • Hi Michael:

    Thanks for following up! I am on version 6.4.0

    I have found another solution to my problem.The sample code you provided led me to realize that I just need to override this method. That's all! 

    # pragma mark - UAInboxDelegate methods
    - (
    void)showInboxMessage:(UAInboxMessage *)message


    Now the default white overlay does not appear anymore. Thanks again!


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  • No problem!

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