I had everything set up correctly, now all of a sudden I'm not getting Android Push notifications.   I'm using Xamarin Android.  Was working last week.  I checked everything


- device has push enabled

- setup google gcm key and package in urban airship

- call takeoff on start

-set up airship.properties in app

-in firebase console, I have the right debug sha1 fingerprint



EDIT:  I looked up my channel ID for my app and noticed


Push Notification Opt-in



How did this happen?  I set the device to accept notifications for this app


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  • Because you are using firebase, can you try/check the following?

    1. Head to http://console.firebase.google.com
    2. Create a project, or select an existing project.
    3. Project Settings (Gear next to Project Name in the left column)
    4. Cloud Messaging

    This page contains the API Server Key, which you put in your Urban Airship Dashboard under Settings (Gear Icon) > Services > GCM.
    It also contains the Sender ID, which you place as the value of gcmSender in the airshipconfig.properties file of your Android Project. This should allow you to send push notifications through the Urban Airship API and Dashboard.

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  • Thanks, I have already verified all of those steps, and there is still no push

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  • I can see the channel in the Urban Airship dashboard


    Created 6 days, 18 hours ago

    Last Registration 2 minutes ago

    Status Inactive

    Alias None

    GCM registration ID :  <id here>

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  • Ok, this is weird. I uninstalled, then reinstalled the app and now the push works. Any idea how the device 'opted out' without me doing anything?

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  • If nothing was changed when going through those steps, there is no clear answer as to what was causing the issue.

    If you uninstall/reinstall, an android device will get a new channel id.  It is possible that the old channel id was somehow mixed up with another app or something in the background of the device was unexpectedly altered during an update (UA SDK, OS, etc...).  

    Glad to hear everything is working again though.

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  • Ok thank you very much for your help

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