Issues with UA Java Client - Unable to create UA Client Builder


We have encountered a strange issue where we see different behavior in Local Dev vs QA/Integration environment. From Local Dev environment we are able to use UA Java Client jar file, populate the push PayLoad, make UA API Call and successfully receive push notification on iOS device (All looks good). However when same code is deployed in QA Environment, the service call on client side halts at the very beginning where we try fetching builder object . Here is the pseudo code from our service where "Step 1" is logged and after that nothing happens - No exception, No Error. Code builds fine and we deployed war file onto Tomcat using Chef scripts. Please let us know specifically what additional details you need to assist us on this issue. Initially this issue sounded very trivial but turns out to be very tricky now. Greatly appreciate any help.

sendNotfication(string deviceId) {"Step 1");
try {
UrbanAirshipClient.Builder clientBuilder = UrbanAirshipClient.newBuilder(); //Execution Halts at this call."Step 2");
catch (Exception e) {

 Environment Details:

  • Java 8
  • Tomcat 8
  • Deployed on AWS

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