Can not get Master Key in debug version of apps

I'm building another app that is similar to my first app.  I'm getting urban airship set up before I have the app actually created.

I've created the Prod and Debug versions in Urban airship.  I skipped the Quick Start portion for the Prod version, and I can see the API link that has the Master Key.

However, I have no way to skip the Quick Start page for the debug version.  I want my server side team to start work on this now, ahead of my client teams working on the apps.  

Is there a way for me to see the master key in debug like I can in prod?

I saw in a previous post that you can connect the debug version to your app, send a test push, then you will see the Master Key, but I want to do this step before connecting to my app.

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  • Hello urbanairship! (If you have some other name to call you by, just let me know ;) )

    Unfortunately you'll need to complete the Quick Start guide in order for your server side team to actually use our APIs. The reason for this is because this requires that at least one platform be configured to be able to send push. In other words, the API needs to know what platform to send to. So, you'll need to either set up your Android API Keys or your iOS certificates to gain access to the API keys.

    That said, you don't need to integrate the SDK yet. So, you can set up the certificates at the very bottom of the Quick Start guide, send a test push and confirm that you got it (even though you have not set up the SDK yet). Once you've confirmed that, you should have full access to everything, including the API keys!

    Let me know if that helps!

  • Hi Michael,

    I'm Cindy, BTW. :)

    Is there a reason why I can do this with the Release version but not the Debug version?  For the Debug apps, I already indicated that it was either iOS or Android (I have one created for both).

    It just seems odd that the actual Release version of the app will give me the Master Key, but the Debug versions will not.

  • Hi Cindy! :)

    I'm guessing it's likely because the Development app might already have the certificates set up. There isn't really a difference between Development and Production, other than pointing to sandbox or production severs for Apple.

    Would you perhaps happen to have either the App Key or App Name of the one that works and the one that does not work?

  • I created them then exact same way, I didn't enter any API keys into either of them.  The only difference is that the Production versions I set to "Production" and the Debug versions I set to "Development".

    Everything else is the same.

    When setting up the production version, I have this options at the very bottom:


    If I click on Configure Test List, I'm taken to a screen where I can see the setting icon, and from there I can get the key values:

    I go under APIs and Intergrations and all my keys are there.  During set up of the Developer app, I do not have this bottom option, so I can not get out of the Quick Setup screen and view the APIs and Integrations section.

    At no time during this set-up in production did I add any APIs for the application.

  • Here is the App Key for my Production test I just did: JLEsFsXtT9KxLb3kcA43yA (Cindy Test)

  • Here is the app key for my development version: uXev5NmPSK2EdftboEk-_w (Cindy Test)

    This one is the one I'm stuck at, there is no bypassing the Quick Start.  I can see my keys on there, except the Master Key.


    Thanks for taking a look for me!

  • Ah, okay, that makes sense now.

    So, the workflow between the Quick Start guide between Prod and Dev is what is causing problems. When setting up a Production app, we don't want people sending test pushes to their live audience accidentally, which is why you can access the Test Devices list.

    For a Development app, it doesn't really matter, so you can send as many test pushes as you want, so the Test Devices list doesn't really become relevant in this scenario.

    There is one way to bypass this.

    For your dev app, type in something into the API Key field at the very bottom and hit the "Save" button. It doesn't need to be a valid API Key, just some random text.

    Once you've done that, enter some text into "Send message to test your setup" section and hit the "Send Test" button. After that, just click the "Yes" bubble to confirm a push was received (even though nothing is set up) and it will take you to the full dashboard experience. From there, you should be able to access the APIs & Integrations page under "Settings".



  • Ok, that worked!  Thanks so much!

    And just to confirm, when I do add in my real API values, my App Keys are not going to change, correct?

  • Correct, those App Keys will not change.

  • Awesome, thanks so much.  You have been a huge help!

  • No problem, happy to help!

  • Hrm, I might have spoke too soon.  I got this working for Android, but iOS is requiring a .p12 key which is a file that needs to be uploaded.

    I tried a random one, but it didn't work.

    Any ideas for iOS?

  • iOS requires an actual working certificate from your Apple Developer Portal. 

    Though, you might be able to access by going to:<Insert App Key Here>/api/

  • Woo!  I'm in!


  • No problem!


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