I am attempting to integrate the Phonegap Plugin on Telerik Appbuilder. I have the plugin running and the app is building without crashing, however when I run any UAirship object function I get nothing back. UAirship.getChannelID returns the following error message: "Action getChannelID failed with exception: null" I double checked my Firebase key, and the dev keys. Is there anything else I can learn from this error message? Is anything wrong with my account setup?

Please reply to srhise@exactaindy.com (I am the developer working for Amy)

I am using this plugin: https://github.com/urbanairship/phonegap-ua-push

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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  • Hello,

    Unfortunately we are not able to offer support for Telerik Appbuilder at this time.

    While we are not a verified plugin on their site, they do detail instructions for using and debugging what they term 'custom plugins' here:


    I hope this gets you pushed in the right direction. Thanks!

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  • Thanks. I have configured the plugin successfully. All the UAirship JS calls come back with a null response, hitting the error callback. Is there any indication of why that may be? When do those calls return null? I am wondering if it's not picking up my API keys for some reason. I think regardless of it being on Telerik looking into when it returns null would be helpful (ie., no response from server, no config, etc). There is no useful information on the error return.

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  • One more question, is if the UA Phonegap plugin will never work with Telerik Platform, is there a way to use this verified plugin: https://github.com/Telerik-Verified-Plugins/PushNotification and integrate it with UA? 

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