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I have been trying to make custom buttons for Interactive Notifications, but it's not working and I can't figure out why. I have done everything the doc says (, and tried some tricks, but it sill not working. Here is my code :

public class NayshowApp extends Application {

public void onCreate() {

UAirship.takeOff(this, new UAirship.OnReadyCallback() {
public void onAirshipReady(UAirship airship) {
// Enable user notifications
airship.getPushManager().setUserNotificationsEnabled(!Utils.getPrefBooleanDefaultFalse(NayshowApp.this, Constants.NOTIFICATIONS, Constants.NOTIFICATIONS_DISABLED));

NotificationActionButton hiButtonAction = new NotificationActionButton.Builder("hi")

NotificationActionButton byeButtonAction = new NotificationActionButton.Builder("bye")

// Define the group
NotificationActionButtonGroup buttonGroup = new NotificationActionButtonGroup.Builder()

// Add the custom group
UAirship.shared().getPushManager().addNotificationActionButtonGroup("custom group", buttonGroup);




Then I set up my notification with eveything except with the buttons because I custom them in my code :


And it does not work, the notification has no button. And I really do not understand how I could make it work.

Thanks for your help !


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  • Well I managed to do it, I needed to create a button on Airship Website, then implement my code. Maybe a line to precise this in the doc would be great!

  • Julien,

    Good to hear you got it resolved!

    For future reference, you can use the Composer Guide for setting up not only the custom interactive buttons, but also deep-links and in-app messages.

  • Wow I missed that one. Thanks for the tips!

  • No problem!


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