I am getting a success return on getChannelId but it returns a blank string for the channel, registration event never fires. However, I can setTags and setNamedUser and it works. However, I don't see any device channels on the admin. 

I think it may have something to do with isAppNotificationsEnabled returning 0 (false) even though I have explicitly set app notification permissions for my app.

Plugin configuration issue? 

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  • Hi Amy!

    It looks like it could be due to the configuration you have set up in your config.xml file.

    If you look on the Error Console in your app (Lower right-hand corner of the Urban Airship dashboard) there are some errors that state "mismatched sender ID".

    These are usually pretty easy to fix. To do so, you can follow our GCM Troubleshooting guide. Once you've fixed that, you should see everything start to work better!


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  • Fixed it. sender id was wrong.

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  • Good to hear!

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