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Cannot receive push on BlackBerry

Waleed Yousef

I have installed the official app for BlackBerry test pushes, have registered  with RIM and have set up Urban Airship account with needed information (Application ID, password, push url), also replaced test data from official app to my real data.

But I still cannot get the push from Urban Airship.

P.S. There are no errors in push console. 

Can anyone help my? Thank you.

Official comment


Hello Waleed-


We are no longer offering Blackberry push support to new users as we are in the process of removing it from our platform now that most of the world has moved on to other mobile platforms.  We have a depreciation message on our Blackberry docs page indicating that we will remove all Blackberry support on December 1st of this year. 

Since we are so close to our official Sunset date, we recommend to focus on other platforms if you would like to use our service beyond December 1st, 2016.

Thank you,


Urban Airship Technical Support


Peter Roberts

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