Require Key and master key for local development

Hi Team,

For the first time I am going to use the Urban Airship API.

Kindly request you to share the way how can I get the key when my code is in development mode.

Currently I need to do proof of concept of using your API for sending notification to user by making a console app in Visual studio. I don't have any application code in production due to which I can't Apple Push notification.

Please suggest a work around so that I can get key without any hindrance.



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  • Hi Chirag,

    Unfortunately, you will need to have either one of the following set up in Urban Airship before you can fully utilize the API:

    1) An Apple Push Certificate

    2) GCM/FCM API Keys

    If you do not have these set up in Urban Airship, you won't be able to use the API, since the API requires a valid platform to be able to send to. If no platform is set up, then many if not all of your API request will fail.

    Note that you do not need the SDK implemented at this step at this time. You simply need to have a certificate set up.

    The quickest and easiest path around that would be to configure GCM for your app. Once you've configured this in Urban Airship, you can use the API properly.

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