Controlling specific groups of channels to push messages

Hello, is there a way to control the sending of messages to a group of channel ids in our UA app.  Suppose we have 500 channel IDs registered in our UA app but these 500 channel IDs are for devices of 5 different user bases (each user base has 100 devices).  Is it possible to create 5 distinct groups of channels so that we can selectively choose a particular user group to send messages?   Thank you!


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  • Charles,

    A good way to accomplish this particular use case is using the List Upload feature.

    This gives you the ability to upload a list of Channel IDs, give said list some name to identify it by, and be able to use that list to send a push to.

    You can do this both via the Urban Airship Dashboard, as well as through our API.

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  • And going a step further, if i had a list of ID's of purchasers of a past sale that i want to message, then I added a list of channel ID's for non-loyalty members (the Airship anyone who has alredy joined our program? I've gotten that far but there is no option to exclude. It says 'create condition' that's where i got stuck.


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  • Wendy,

    If you want to exclude a list of devices, I might recommend using our Segment Builder for this.

    There would need to be a couple of different steps for this. First, you would need to upload both lists into Airship using the List Upload feature as mentioned before (We'll get into the excluding lists here in a bit).

    Once both lists are uploaded into Airship, you can then begin using those lists to push messages out to. However, if you want to include multiple lists or conditions as part of your targeted audience, using Segments would be a great option for this.

    To exclude a specific set of members from a list, you would have two "blocks". The first block would contain the list you want to send a push to. The second block would contain the list you want to exclude. You'll want to make sure the condition is set to "False" for the excluded list and that your selector for those two blocks is set to "AND". When this is set up in one segment, it will read as "Send to everyone in List A AND NOT in List B".

    Once you're done with the segment, then you can use that in the Message Composer and that's it!

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