Unable to receive test notification

I have followed the setup video and other documentation and the app builds and runs without an issue.  The problem is the 

didReceiveRemoteNotification function is never being called. I am sending test message from the web interface but it never is received in the app whether in fore or background mode.   I am not getting any error and I am getting a device token.  I am also getting a message Retrieved message list response message array is empty and badge is 0.  Additionally I am sending analytics.  




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  • Hi Dean

    A good place to check when you're debugging and testing pushes to your device will be your Error Console in the dashboard. You can get to this by clicking on "Error Console" located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

    Scrolling down, if there are any issues with your set up, you should see errors there.

    In this case, you've quite a number of Rejected Device Tokens from Apple. This usually indicates an issue with your Bundle ID and/or Provisioning Profiles for your app.

    Thankfully, they're relatively easy to fix. You can follow our guide for fixing Rejected Device Tokens to resolve that issue.

    Once you've done that, you should be back up and running!

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  • Thanks Michael,

    An additional questions I redid my certs and now I get this message but no badge or other indicator of notifications working but does this indicate that it is good.


    Received notification: {

        "_" = "7cf41b61-d5d0-466e-8bf4-b0d2d1c72fb1";

        aps =     {

            alert = "This is a test message from Urban Airship.";



    My confusion is I entered Test in the message box to send a test message and I am not getting Test anywhere.  Am I doing it wrong or ?



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  • Dean,

    If you got that via Xcode, then that means you're good!

    I do believe that the text you enter into the text field at the end of the Quick Start guide does not actually get sent to the device, and instead just sends a generic message, which is the one you saw. (I believe we're working to resolve that).

    Since you've got that message though, you're free to start using the rest of the features in the dashboard once you have confirmed you received that message.

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