Push notification sends intent twice with null and expected data


We are using UA push / deep linking feature and we get intent twice for main activity. First with null data and on second time is expected deep link url.

My question are;

- is sdk supposed to work in that way ?

- How to make main activity get deep linking url for the first time ? 




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  • No, you should only be receiving the intent once.

    Deep links requires adding some code to your app before it will work.  The default deep link action that is sent from the API or via the web dashboard assumes that the application is already set up to handle deep links through Android implicit intents.  Here is a link to our documentation with more details: Android Deep Linking

    If you are using the latest SDK, I might start with looking at your AndroidManifest.xml file.  Customers who have experienced similar, double-intent issues were able to successfully resolve their issues with comparing what they had with the manifest within our Sample App.

    If you have not yet built our sample app, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  This would provide a baseline for how various notifications (and the code behind it) are supposed to function.

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