Do you have example code for iOS using objective c to implement deeplink

Hello, I have been using urban airship in android version for a while, that application using deep link to go to specific activity in application.

Now I'm try to develop same app on iOS. I read usage guide at and I want to see example code that implement deep link.

Can you send me an example code or the tutorial that tech how to implement deep link in app?

Thank you very much.

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  • Sorry, for more detail.

    In this app when user tap a notification this app will open and navigate to specific view controller depend on parameter in deep link.

    How can I do.

    Please suggest me.


    Thank you very much.

  • Thanapong,

    Other than the guide you linked, we don't have example code we can give you to do this.

    However, I was able to Google and find a tutorial that should walk you through on how to set this up in your app:


  • Thank you Michael Halka, this tutorial can help me very much. :)

  • No problem!


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