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I am developing an iOS app with web application

I need to know how urbanairship can help me in regarding sending push notifications to iOS app.

I need to notify users on different days like first day of the month, every week or daily or something like that how much earning they have done during that time period. so I need to sum up the earnings which user earned during that period.

Is there any way, where I can save their earning with the date and can send push notification by sum up their earning.

Can you explain me about how can I send an event from backend so that it works.

Please understand following scenario:

I want user to get notification for how much he earned at the end of the day by taking sum of the earning amount.

Please how to sum up the earnings and send push notification.

Also explain, how can I send an event from my backend.

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  • Hi!

    The way I would recommend accomplishing this use case is by using our Urban Airship API to handle your push events.

    You already, I'm assuming, have a system in place that knows when certain events fire and when certain events are occurring, such as when a user meets a certain threshold of earnings during a specific time period.

    The easiest way to accomplish your use case would be to have your system also be able to call the Urban Airship API to send a push notification to said user when that event has occurred.

    So, what this would require is for you to know two things:

    1) The Channel ID/Named User of the user that has caused that event to trigger

    2) The earnings of that particular user

    Once you have those two things, your system can then make an API call to Urban Airship to send to that particular Channel ID, and specify the earnings in the alert message, and send that push message out.

    Now, it will be up to you when you want to send that out. You can send it immediately, or you can use the Schedule API endpoint to schedule it out in the future if you wish to do it that way.

    So, all of the events and triggers are still happening on your end. When you're ready to send a push notification to that user, that is when you make a request, using the Urban Airship API, to send a push to that user.

    Hope that helps!

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