No configured device_types could be resolved from request


   I'm trying to upgrade to the latest java library and I keep getting the following error:


{"ok":false,"error":"Could not parse request body.","error_code":40000,"details":{"error":"No configured device_types could be resolved from request."}}


It used to work fine with the older java library.

Any clue?

Thank you

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  • Here is the request data that I'm trying to send which gives the error.

    "audience": { "named_user" : "00501YTUNOIUJSTKka81" },
    "notification": { "alert" : "A broadcast message" },
    "device_types": [ "ios" ]


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  • Kalpesh,

    This error typically comes about if you have not configured an iOS certificate or GCM API Key within your app in Urban Airship.

    If either service is not already configured, then you push sends will fail, because there is no valid service to send to.

    Please make sure you've configured APNS or GCM within Urban Airship before you send a push.

    Once you have completed those steps, then you'll be free to continue testing through the API.

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