iOS 10 Push Notification Content Extension storyboard does not load

What's working:

I have setup the push notifications service extensions. I can receive push notifications. The service extension is being called and the title and body can be modified dynamically. I can also add actions to the push notifications.

What's not working:

The content extension seems to be called as I can see the content size ratio changed. However, the storyboard is not being loaded. It is showing up as blank. The icon, title and body that I setup in the main interface storyboard is not being shown. 

I am wondering if there is urban airship extension for the content extension or any delegate I can listen to for updating the content extension. I saw the release note that Urbanairship can support the content extension, but I am not able to find any documentation for content but service extensions only.


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  • I was missing to set the view controller as initial view controller. I think the content is largely up to the application itself, so nothing is supported by UrbanAirship. 

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  • Ernest,

    Just to confirm, do you have everything working the way you want it to in your app? If not, let me know and I'll hop in and see what I can do to help!

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