Message Center does not display thumbnail/icons for new rows after scrolling down to reveal more messages

In our app, we are using the default Message Center UI. This works fine mostly, but, we notice that thumbnail images attached to a message are only displayed for the messages which are visible when the message center is first displayed.

For example, the message center opens on a phone and shows 7 or 8 messages, depending on which phone, maybe 11 at most. If you have more than 11 messages in the message center, you have to scroll the table view down to see them. A perfectly normal thing in an iOS App.

But, when you scroll down the list of messages, you see that the ones which are loaded below the first 10 or 11 do not show their thumbnail images. As seen below (they do show the placeholder image which I set in the message center which says "Loading" in the center).

If I select one of the messages on the screen where there are no thumbnails, the message view opens. Then, when I close the message and go back to the Message Center, all the thumbnails for the visible rows now have thumbnails/icons showing.

If there are more messages, I can scroll down again and reveal more new messages which have not been shown before, and those messages also have no thumbnail images showing. But again, if I tap one of the messages and open it, then close it, all the now-visible cells load their images!

I've looked at the message center code - UA is doing some non-standard things WRT thumbnail (icon) image caching. I have not taken the time to decipher yet what it is exactly they are trying to accomplish, but if someone from UA is listening - its not working!



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  • Hi Jordan,

    This is Sean with Urban Airship Technical Support.

    Thank you for detailing the Message Center Icon you are seeing. Which version of the Urban Airship SDK are you using?

    We have made a number of fixes to the Message Center UI through version 8.x.x of our SDK, so I wonder if updating the SDK might fix your issue if you are using an older version.

    Thank you,
    Sean Conlin
    Urban Airship Technical Support
    Portland, Oregon

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