Is there a way to localize push notification language based on user device

We have a React Native app that contains localized language logic. The app language depends on the user's device settings.

Is there a way to send a message to a user's device that depends on the device language? For example, could I call the API with a list of possible alerts, using only the alert that has a matching ua_locale_language tag (matching the device language)?

Our alternative would be to store a user's language when they create an account, but this is sub-optimal because the user could easily change the device language before opening their app again.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hi Tim, 

    The ua_locale_language tag is one of our Device Property tags that are automatically picked up by our SDK and can be used to target specific users based on language. You will still need to create language specific content, to send to each targeted group however.

    We have some exciting new features around localization planned for later this year, so this will be something to check back with us on as well.

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