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Rich Push Notifications

Shishirkant Bhuyan

I have integrated rich push notifications in my app. But when i send a push notification with an image for the first time after a long time the image doesnt appear in the notification. It appears in the consecutive rich pushes.

Why does this happen??

Please help 

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Hi Shishirkant,

Just to clarify, by Rich Push, you're talking about sending images/videos/sound as Rich Media to iOS 10 devices, is that correct?

If so, depending on the size of the image and/or where the image was uploaded from, it may take the device a little while to fully download the image to the device. Once the image has been inserted into the notification, that image will then be cached and should show up for future iterations.

To prevent this from happening, make sure the image or file you're sending as the Rich Media is well below the limit Apple restricts images to, and you should see the images carried across more consistently.

Michael Halka 0 votes
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Thanks for the info.

I will see to it that I use smaller image sizes

Shishirkant Bhuyan 0 votes
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