Can't send email on iOS Reach


I've followed the docs to produce a template and certificate for the iOS Wallet/Reach functionality. 

I have looked over the relevant support materials (docs, forums, the webinar) but my specific issue does not seem to be on anything – compared to what the docs explain, it seems like a piece of functionality is missing:

In the Reach project template, there is no option to “Select an apple wallet template” (pictured).

Additionally, when sending a test pass by email (also pictured), nothing appears in mine or other colleagues’ inboxes.

Do you know whether there is some way to fix this issue? There is no way for us to test the Reach solution without being able to perform these actions.



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  • Hi Jacob,

    Thank you for writing in to the Urban Airship Support Forum about your Reach account.

    It is likely that your account hasn't been configured to create passes. I can update this for you on our end. I did notice that there is no Reach account associated with your username; could you share which username you are using access Reach?

  • Hi Jenn,

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    Would you be able to message/email privately so I may share my the required account details? 

    Best wishes,


  • Hi again, 

    I have attempted to batch upload with CSV files and have managed to generate urls which should get the pass. But when clicking on them I receive the error:

    {"error":{"code":1214,"message":"This account is not allowed to create pass"}}

    I have attempted to re-create the apple pass certificates and these are definitely working fine. Do you know if there is some issue with my account which is preventing this from working?

    Best wishes,



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