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Upgrade to the Basic Edition From Starter Edition

Doris Yan


We are using the start edition, while we would like to upgrade to the basic edition.

However, there's no billing info button to change plan.

May you please help to guide us for the upgrade process, thank you.


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Hi Doris,

Thank you for writing in to the Urban Airship Support Forum.

You should be able to upgrade to the Basic plan through the Account Info page, which can be reached by clicking the user icon in the upper righthand corner of the Dashboard, like so:

Account Info

Can you send us a screenshot of what you're seeing on the Account Info page?

Jenn Miller 0 votes

Dear Jenn,

Thank for your reply.

Please find the cap screen of account info as below, while I click "Other plan options", 

It shows the second cap screen, which shows a non login page, 

when I clicked the "Get started" below the Basic Edition, it shows a registration page, thank you.

Doris Yan 0 votes