Too many symbol files

Hi guys.

I'm iOS dev from PaddyPower Betfair. We have a problem when we submit apps to the Apple Store Connect (old ITC). We received an email by Apple with this warning

Too many symbol files - These symbols have no corresponding slice in any binary.


I'll check this and find the UUID this mention 'UUID: 3AC46132-BE7A-3D49-8AF0-CDEEC994ADE9 (armv7s) AirshipKit.framework.dSYM/Contents/Resources/DWARF/AirshipKit'.

The others frameworks we have in our project only have armv7, and arm64.

So, can you help me with this warning?


Thanks a lot

Ana Santos

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  • Hi Ana,

    This warning should not prevent you from getting the app approved, but let's figure out and resolve it nonetheless.

    I believe this is probably caused due to one of a couple reasons:

    • Most likely: Redundant dSYM files or debug information is included in archives but not libraries (see here for details)
    • Bitcode is disabled (try enabling it if it is disabled)

    Let me know if you've looked into these already, and if either resolves the issue.

    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support


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  • Hi Jay,

    So, after check our project I see the Debug scheme doesn't include dSym Files, and our Bitcode is disabled because we have other external libs in our project with bitcode disabled

    First option I check and it's like you suggest, second I can't change in our project. So, maybe second reason solve our problem, but I can't change it.


    Thanks a lot for your help,


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