Styling Rich Text Text in Custom Message Center Message

Hello all, 

Just started using Urban Airship in an app I handle visual design for. Our developers implemented a custom message center using UA. I'd like to style the content of the messages in a consistent manner with text elsewhere in the app. Using the default rich text editor, however, I don't see a way to create unordered (or ordered) lists. Is there a way to accomplish this, or will I need to instead upload an HTML template of my own?

In testing, I've noticed that using custom CSS in an HTML message produces different results for iOS and Android devices. Is the best practice to create two separate messages with unique style rules for each platform? How should I be styling the copy so that the messages use native systems fonts (SF for iOS and Roboto for Android)? 

I can't seem to find any best practices for this. Any advice is welcome.


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  • Hey Todd,

    There isn't a way to create ordered or unordered lists the built in editor, you would need to upload an HTML file for that.

    As for HTML rendering differently on the two platforms, we don't currently have a guide for best practices, but if you'd like to send us the file/code I'd be happy to take a look. As for creating custom templates, that would have to be through our Pro Services team, who would need to work with you and create those for you. 

    Also, it looks like you have email support with us, so feel free to reach out through or better yet, fill out the form here with your app info so we can better help you:

    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support

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  • Thanks, Jay! I'll fill out the form now with my info and we can go from there. 

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