Upgrade to XCode 9 causes Swift version error

Also filed as an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/urbanairship/react-native-module/issues/129

### What Urban Airship dependencies are you using?
ℹ iOS SDK 9.3.1

### What are the versions of any relevant development tools you are using?
ℹ This is a react native project, doing manual install of AirshipKit using the steps from the Urban Airship docs: https://docs.urbanairship.com/platform/ios/#sdk-installation

# Report

### What unexpected behavior are you seeing?
ℹ After upgrading to XCode 9, building throws the error: `The “Swift Language Version” (SWIFT_VERSION) build setting must be set to a supported value for targets which use Swift. This setting can be set in the build settings editor.`

### What is the expected behavior?
ℹ Build successfully

### What are the steps to reproduce the unexpected behavior?

1. Set up react native project
2. Download Urban Airship iOS SDK
3. Copy AirshipKit into project, add to embedded binaries, update header + frameworks search paths
4. Build using XCode 8. Everything works, yay!
5. Upgrade to XCode 9. Build explodes.

### Things we've tried
1. Update the .xcdatamodel `Code Generation` language from Swift to Objective-C
2. Set Swift language version for AirshipKit.xcodeproj to 3.3 and 4.1 in build settings

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  • Looks like this got sorted out on Github. Let us know if you need more help down the line. 

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