Customize message center title in Cordova

Hi everyone, 

I need to customize the title that the default message center is presenting in my cordova application. When building the app for iOS it shows the "Message Center" text, while when building for android it shows the name of my app, and I need it to be "Message Center" as well.

I also need to customize the colors of that header in android and iOS to match the ones of my application.


Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi,

    Sorry for the late response. 

    Looks like you have email support with us. Can you submit a ticket here so can take a look at your app:

    Make sure to include your app key and any additional information you have.


    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support

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  • Hello Jay M. can you give us some updates on that?

    It would be great so that other people could find the solution here in the support section.



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  • Hi Antonio,

    Unfortunately, the Cordova SDK does not have a built-in way to customize the Message Center the way our native iOS and Android SDKs do. 

    You could still do this is by doing it natively within the plugin itself. You'd have to modify the UAirshipPlugin class to change the Message Center style to whatever it is you want. 


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  • Thank you.

    What about customizing the standard texts? Jay M. Any idea how we could do this?

    For example on iOS

    Select none, Delete, Mark Read. (It does change the default value even if I have another language as default language on iPhone)


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  • I might be misunderstanding what you are trying to customize. Can you elaborate a little more?

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