Migration from GCM to FCM

Migrating from GCM to FCM in our app.  

Following this documentation:  https://docs.urbanairship.com/platform/push-providers/fcm/.  

However, we are a bit confused. When looking at the UrbanAirship portal under the Android Configuration for firebase messaging for android devices, there is only a place for the API Key and the  package name.  Both of those are already filled in.  We are assuming that is carried over from the application and portal configuration using GCM up to this point?

I don't see anywhere to add in the information copied from the Firebase Console as the steps in the document refer to?  The linked document instructions only refers to the server key, legacy server key and sender ID.  Where do these need to be entered in the UrbanAirship side?

Finally, once I get this clarified and I make any needed updates to the the UrbanAirship portal platform configuration for firebase messaging for android devices, will the devices in the wild still receive the older GCM pushes? Since they would not be upgraded to the the FCM SDK, It is unclear that the notifications will still be working to them?  We are assuming this is so, but don't see it stated as such and the existing user base for the android applications wont all be updated immediately.  We are trusting that the GCM configuration is no longer visible in this configuration portal but will still be active until Google kills that off come April? Is this a true statement? 

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