Device token got set to inactive after successful test


I was having inactive status for my device token of my iPhone. I uninstalled the app several times, and every time I was getting new device tokens as expected in the UA dashboard but all were "inactive".

In one attempt to get it active, I created a new Push certificate from Apple Developer dashboard and replaced the p12 certificate on UA. It became active for a while so I successfully sent and received a test push using the UA dashboard. But when I tried to resend it has gone back to inactive. Nothing found in UA Error logs. 


App key: tXjbVAUxSWOFLVcZwwkAyw

Device token: 0B102625246501D0FEC86CD1F93160D98DEE89BE4BC48892C2A417AA353C7BB5



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  • Rajith,

    The Device Lookup page for that Device Token shows the device as being still active, however it is opted-out of push.

    Do you have any workflow in your app where it disables notifications? Are you perhaps clearing the iOS keychain anywhere?

    Generally, one should expect to receive the same Device Token after a reinstall, as the Urban Airship SDK will store the Urban Airship Channel Id in the keychain, and this is persisted after an uninstall unless it is manually cleared in your code.

    Have you been able to reproduce this situation using our Sample app?

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