[Ionic Project] Not receiving push notification on android 8.1.0 using urbanairship-cordova 7.2.0

We are trying to update urbanairship-cordova plugin to version 7.2.0 on Ionic Project. We've followed this step https://www.npmjs.com/package/urbanairship-cordova. We send sample notification using urbanairship dashboard but we cannot get the push notification. This is the error log we've got from android studio : 

E/UALib: JobDispatcher - UAirship not ready. Rescheduling job: JobInfo{action=ACTION_UPDATE_PUSH_REGISTRATION, id=4, extras='{}', airshipComponentName='com.urbanairship.push.PushManager', isNetworkAccessRequired=true, initialDelay=0, persistent=false}

Can somebody help us to solve that error ?

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  • Hi Swasti,

    Can you run us through the steps you took to update your project to use the 7.2.0 plugin? Or, is this a new implementation?

    Regarding the error, would it be possible to send the full verbose logs? If something is not configured properly, we may be able to see those in the logs.

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