Message Center Has 0 Messages

I am able to receive and display push notifications and in-app messages in my Android app and that works correctly.

However, even though I check the "Combine With Message Center" checkbox, the message center is empty. I tried various combinations of message types and content. The out-of-box message center screen (UAirship.shared().inbox.startInboxActivity) always displays "No Messages", and whenever I work with UAirship.shared().inbox, it always has 0 messages (tried addListener, tried calling fetchMessages, but no effect).

What could I be doing wrong? I am using Urban Airship Android SDK 9.5.6.



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  • Hi,

    Sorry for the confusion. Message Center is not turned on by default. You can go to your Configuration page under the Settings dropdown and turn off the toggle for Message Center. 

    Let us know if you still have any issues after that.

    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support

  • Jay,

    Thanks but I don't see an option to turn on Message Center. It just isn't there. I'm on the Engage Starter (free) plan, is that the issue? But then I'm confused why the "Combine with message center" checkbox is available when composing a message, and I don't see any documentation that says message center is only available on paid plans. So it's pretty confusing.




  • That's correct, it is not included with Engage Starter, which is why you don't see the toggle but seeing it in "Combine with" appears to be a bug, as that option should not show up there in this case. Sorry about that. 

    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support


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