Succesful feedback, but push message is not delivered

Few times, my partners nor received every push message. Everytime give the server succesful feedback, but not everytime delivered the message. I tested at a specific user: I sent 7 messages to him, but delivered only 5. The device token not changed. The phone was everytime locked.

What can be the reason? Is there any restrictions, or something else which disable the push sending?

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  • Hi,

    Just to confirm, you are creating a push using the API, you get a successful response with a push ID but not all the pushes show up on the device sent to. Does this happen to many devices or only to one specific one?

    Please send us the following information (as much of it as you can) and we will take a closer look:

    1. The full API request made to Urban Airship, including headers
    2. The full endpoint URL
    3. The full API response, including the body and headers
    4. The App Key and any Push IDs for the pushes that are not being delivered
    5. The number of instances of this has happened
    6. The number of attempts made and the percentage of success/failure
    7. Timestamps for all logs
    8. If you're using a Urban Airship provided open source library, the library version
    9. If you're using a 3rd party or custom API integration, please let us know and link to code if possible


    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support

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