Avoid update of mobile app version upon rollout of UA integration



We're implementing an Urban Airship integration proof-of-concept and one important question came about: is there any way to use UA push notifications but without having our costumers necessarily update our mobile app?

In other ords, given a device unique identifier (token) is it possible to register a device server-side and perform push notifications without including the SDK in the app?

Could you share some successfull use-cases of rollout strategies followed by your clients when bringing the UA integration to production?

Thans in advance

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  • Hi,

    This is technically possible under certain circumstances on a temporary basis until an SDK could be implemented.

    For example, if a paid customer who wanted to migrate from a different provider wanted to be able to send push notifications to their existing audience until their new Urban Airship implementation is complete, we could import the device tokens to allow sending to them while the SDK is being added and released in an app update later on. But for a variety of reasons, this would not be a long term implementation. 

    If you let us know a little more about your use case or what you are trying to accomplish or solve, we can provide more information or perhaps a better solution. 

    I hope this helps.

    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support

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  • Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Our costumer requesting this Urban Airship integration is building up a strong position in the video streaming industry and already represents a considerable amount of end-users (~360K) across ~15 websites and mobile apps based upon a common platform. The medium-term growth potential is substancial.

    A great investiment is being considered to migrate from our current push notification provider to a new one (hopefully UA, if we can past beyound these technical minor differences).

    We highly appreciate your solution for a temporary massive import of device tokens. However, we feel that migrating users on-demand would be a more practical solution.
    This would require our server-side solution to send device tokens (which we already have from our current solution) to a Urban Airship endpoint, which would return the corresponding channelIds. Is this possible?

    On the other hand, your solution suggests that an SDK might not be essencial for an Urban Airship integration. Our costumer has shown great interest in investing in a push notification provider that doesn't require changes to their current mobile app. Does Urban Airship provide some service that allows to accomplish this?

    Thank you

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  • Hello Jay,


    Any follow up on this?

    Meanwhile, we were contacted by email by a collegue of yours from Sales Development but unfortunately we didn't had any news from him as well.

    Hope to hear from Urban Airship soon.


    Thanks in advance


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  • Hi, 

    Sorry for the delayed response. 

    Regarding "migrating users on-demand", I'm not completely clear on what you mean. Do you want to set up a custom integration that keeps adding new device token from your system rather than once for all of them?

    "your solution suggests that an SDK might not be essencial for an Urban Airship integration" - No, that is not what I meant. As I mentioned, this can only be a temporary state during migration and setup. We do not offer a service in which a mobile app does not implement our SDK.

    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support

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