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Need to pass data through deep link

Matt Kupstas


I have a screen in my app which has input parameters as "what" and "where". 

I want to call this screen via a deep link. I need to know how do I send the required data through the deep link that I have created.


Shreyas Bhondve

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Hey Shreyas,

Thanks for contacting Urban Airship. My name is Chilun and I would be happy to help.

I like to suggest following these steps on deep-linking within the Urban Airship docs:

Following on from this, you may also follow and action the steps within the links below:

Please feel free to send me any follow-up questions and I'll gladly get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Chilun Liu
Senior Technical Support Engineer
Urban Airship

25 Lavington Street | London | SE1 0NZ
Portland | San Francisco | London | New York | Gurgaon

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