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Radar Integation

Dotan Meirov

I have submitted a ticket in the past (Ticket #52376) But, The answer I got was from Radar and not UrbanAirship.

So I guess I will try again.

I joined UrbanAirship over a year ago paying about 150 a month. The main goal was to get push notifications using geo-fencing. I haven’t used any of the services because we were still in development. The only way to test is to join. But I am not complaining. 
Today we finally started. I set up my radar account, only to find that I need to pay 2000 US DOLLARS a month to be integrated.

In my settings it shows that I am integrated?  But what else do I need to do with out paying 2000 a month.  We have less than 20000 users.  Like I said before, I only want to send Push Notifications using GeoFenceing.  

Should I use Gimbal.

I have read that UrbanAirship can be integrated with Gimbal, But i do not see it in the integration and APIs.  I only have 1 and its radar?

Please Please help.


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Hi Dotan,

To answer your question, you can't for free as you have to pay Radar for the "Premium Integrations" which includes Urban Airship. The same thing goes for Gimbal too.

It looks like you're using our free starter edition? (If that's not the case, please reply to this email with your App Key or username to expedite a support response.) As noted during your sign-up process, for free customers we offer self-service support only.

We're committed to making sure our self-service support resources are rich and deep. To find the answer to your question, you can:

Search our [Docs]( for in-depth information on how our service works.
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Access our [Developer Resources]( for implementation information and our sample apps.
Most questions from our Starter customers can usually be answered in our [Getting Started Guide]( and is a great resource to have open as you start to send your first push notifications.

If you've taken a look in those resources but still can't find the answer to your question, there is another option: posting to our [Community Forum]( Our support team monitors our forums closely to ensure all issues are addressed as quickly as we're able.

Need a Higher [Level of Support](

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Thank you for choosing Urban Airship! We look forward to continuing to work with you to help you meet your goals -- and contributing to the success of your business.

Thank You,
-The Urban Airship Technical Support Team

chilun liu 0 votes

I am also interested in pricing information for both Gimbal and Radar integrations.  I currently pay for the Basic Edition.  Thank you!

Daniel Szasz 0 votes