I have submitted a ticket in the past (Ticket #52376) But, The answer I got was from Radar and not UrbanAirship.

So I guess I will try again.

I joined UrbanAirship over a year ago paying about 150 a month. The main goal was to get push notifications using geo-fencing. I haven’t used any of the services because we were still in development. The only way to test is to join. But I am not complaining. 
Today we finally started. I set up my radar account, only to find that I need to pay 2000 US DOLLARS a month to be integrated.

In my settings it shows that I am integrated?  But what else do I need to do with out paying 2000 a month.  We have less than 20000 users.  Like I said before, I only want to send Push Notifications using GeoFenceing.  

Should I use Gimbal.

I have read that UrbanAirship can be integrated with Gimbal, But i do not see it in the integration and APIs.  I only have 1 and its radar?

Please Please help.


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