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Deep links

Matt Kupstas


I have two deep links setup as follows:

1) com.crosscountry.careercare://CCH_MobileApp/Notifications

2) com.crosscountry.careercare://CCH_MobileApp/JobResults?IsFromSearch={isFromSearch}&NumberOfRecommendations={NumberOfRecommendations}&FromDeepLink={FromDeepLink}&WhatInput={WhatInput}&WhereInput={WhereInput}&DatePosted={DatePosted}&NumberOfFavorites={NumberOfFavorites}&MapLat={MapLat}&MapLong={MapLong}

When the first deep link is sent to iOS device the specific screen i.e 'Notifications' gets opened successfully but when second deep link is sent redirection to specific screen fails. Instead it just redirects to the Home screen of the app. This is observed only on iOS devices.

I am unable to find any solution to this issue. Could anyone please help me here.


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